Nj Broker Service Agreement

(a) the broker gives the cooperating broker the specific power to show and/or trade directly; or Section 13.7 (a) A subscriber`s VOW must voluntarily display an email address, phone number or specific identifier of another type of communication (z.B. live chat) that allows a consumer to contact the Subscriber to ask questions about each property displayed on the VOW or to obtain other information. The non-principal participant or licensee with a sales license must be willing and able to respond knowingly to the requests of the filers regarding real estate located in the market area served by that participant and posted on the VOW. Section 1.13 Jurisdiction lists of designated real estate types within the MLS watershed must be submitted to the service. Lists of real estate outside the MLS service area are accepted if they are submitted voluntarily by a participant, but are not required by the service. See Article IV under a) for a list of watershed cities. (c) No participant or subscriber may post confidential information intended for cooperating brokers and not consumers, including compensation payments offered to other MLS participants, with instructions, property security information, etc. The MlS determines whether the information is treated as confidential information and is at the sole discretion of MLS. Each participant and subscriber recognizes that confidential information is intended for cooperating participants rather than consumers.

The Board Multiple Listing Service must not have a rule requiring the broker to disclose the total amount of the commission negotiated in its list contract, and the Board Multiple Listing Service cannot publish the entire commission negotiated on a quote presented to the service by a participant. The Multiple Listing Service Board cannot disclose the overall commission negotiated between the seller and the Broker. Section 7 Compliance with the Rules – Disciplinary Obligation Authority By the future and stay of a participant or subscriber in this MLS, each participant and subscriber undertakes to be subject to the rules and regulations and all other rules of governance of the MLS.

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