Collective Agreement Yrdsb 2020

ETFO`s collective agreements include a sick leave plan for teachers, long-term teachers (LTO), designated early childhood educators and other ETFO education workers. This plan offers both sick days and short-term disability days. Many collective agreements set out the conditions under which medical documents can be requested. Your board of directors may also request documents if it has a reasonable basis to dispute the nature of your absence or return. Your local collective agreement can also determine if the board of directors pays for this documentation. . Violent incident in the classroom with special needs still follows York Region teachers 2 years later the school board weighs the best way for teachers, students. More. This Salary Grid will enter into force on 1 September 2014. .

The salary grid adjustment of 2% for all ETT members, guaranteed by the ETFO Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), entered into force on 1 September 2014. For example, if you only took one sick day in the last school year, you have 10 unused sick days that you can use for mixing during the current school year. The 10-day increase would increase your STLDP daily payments to 100% of salary for 100 days. The remaining 20 days of stldp days, if used, would be 90% of the salary. Charging days are not cumulative. If you have consumed less than 11 sick days in the past school year, the difference between the 11 sick days allocated and the number of sick days actually used is your recharge days. Each day of increase can be used to increase STLDP days from 90% of salary to 100% of salary. – For more information, please visit the Union of Canadian Public Employees (CUPE) 1734 – Support Staff of York District District School Board site Etfo has another new website to help junior/intermediate teachers bring game-based learning into grades 4-8. . Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement Savings (OMERS) – For more information, please visit the Elementary Teachers` Federation of Ontario (ETFO) website No, an episodic illness on the last day of the school year does not compromise your ability to access sick leave in the next school year. . .


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