Geneva Agreement On Trade In Bananas

At the DSD meeting on 18 December 2001, the European Communities welcomed the granting by the Ministerial Conference of the two exemptions as a precondition for the implementation of Phase II of the agreements with the United States and Ecuador. The European Communities took note of the adoption of Phase II of the implementation of the Regulation on 19 December 2001 with effect from 1 January 2002. Ecuador, Honduras, Panama and Colombia took note of the progress made and requested information from the European Communities on the issue of import licences by a Member State of the European Community in a manner inconsistent with the Agreements. On 21 January 2002, the European Communities announced that Council Regulation (EC) No 2587/2001 on 19 By that Regulation, the European Communities implemented Phase 2 of the Agreements with the United States and Ecuador. In accordance with the Banana Agreements and the Doha Waiver, the European Communities adopted the 2005 Regulation, which was appealed under the second set of procedures in the Compliance Group (see above). Following the Appellate Body`s reports under such a compliance procedure, the European Communities informed the DSB on 9 January 2009 that it intended to comply with its recommendations and decisions by changing its customs commitments for bananas to an agreement on the amount of the new related Community duty with Latin American banana-supplying countries, in accordance with the negotiations provided for in Article XXVIII of the GATT. The Committee on Time Planning, Development and the Protection of the Interests of Developing Countries has been set up. On 3 On 1 May 2001, the European Communities informed the DSB that intensive discussions had taken place with the United States and Ecuador, as well as with other banana-supplying countries, including the other co-complainants, on ways to resolve the long-standing dispute over the EC banana import regime. In accordance with Article 16(1) of Regulation (EC) No 404/93 (as amended by Council Regulation (EC) No 216/2001), the EC will introduce a pure customs regime for imports of bananas by 1 January 2006 at the latest. To this end, negotiations are under way in due course on Article XXVIII of the GATT.

During the transitional period, from 1 July 2001, the European Communities will introduce an import regime on the basis of three tariff quotas to be allocated on the basis of historical certificates. . . .

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