Joint Retainer Agreement

I (we) confirm that you know that I (we) regularly work for and for a lasting relationship with them and that I have recommended that you consult (us) with an independent lawyer on the common retainer before detaining me. I (we) confirm that if a dispute between you and the appearance of a dispute between you arises, I (we) can continue to deliberate on the issue in dispute and that I (we) will refer you to another lawyer or specialized lawyer. If a conflict develops that cannot be resolved, I cannot continue to act for both or all of you and I may have to withdraw completely. . This is part of all our retainer agreements. It was posted on this site on March 2, 2017 and no changes have been made since that date. I confirm that I have read and understood the above letter. I agree to act on my behalf, regardless of the conflict. You have asked [me/us] to play the role of your [lawyer/jurist(s) in the case mentioned above.] Please click here to get a better Business Bureau Accreditation Certificate Please click here for our Canadian Bar Association membership card If you still would like me to act on your behalf in the above question, please confirm your instructions by serving and sending the attached copy. If one acts for more than one party, no information received from a party about the case may be kept confidential to the extent that one of the other parties is a party to the act. .

(This form can be used either by lawyers or by specialized lawyers. Use discretion to tailor the form to the circumstances of each case.) We are authorized and authorized to obtain all types of visas in most parts of Canada. [i] A lawyer is not required to meet this requirement with respect to an institutional lender in the circumstances described in rule 3.4-16. Please click here to view our Law Society of British Columbia membership card….

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