Neuromuscular Disorders Author Agreement

Checklist for filing The following list is useful for the final verification of an article before it is sent to the magazine for verification. Please also fill in the list of deposit checks and upload it with the files for your deposit. For more details on each article, please see this guide for authors. Make sure the following are present: An author has been designated as the corresponding author with contact details: • Email address • Full postal address • Phone numbers All necessary files have been uploaded and included: • Keywords • Highlights • All tables (including title, description, footnotes) Other reflections • Manuscript has been “spell checked” and “grammatically reviewed” • References are provided in • All the references mentioned in the reference list are cited in the text and vice versa • Permission to use copyrighted material has been obtained from other sources (including the web) • Colour figures are clearly indicated as intended for colour reproduction • Each image or table must be uploaded to the site and marked individually and not integrated into the main text. The main part of the manuscript should be carried out under the following sub-headings: introduction, materials and methods, results and introduction Discussion.In, indicate concisely and clearly the subject of the research and contain only the details of the background that relate to the purpose. Under methods, describe the materials (or themes) and methods in detail. The sources of the devices or reagents used must be detailed (company name, city, (Land) and Land). Articles describing human and animal research should indicate in this section that the work has been approved by the institutional ethics committee or audit committee. The manuscript must also indicate, where applicable, that informed consent has been obtained by the subjects. Methods of statistical analysis and criteria of statistical significance should also be described. Generic names should be used for the names of drugs, devices and other products.

If own marks are used in the search, indicate in parentheses the brand and the name of the manufacturer after the first mention of the generic name in the Methods section. Genes or related structures in a manuscript must contain the official names and symbols provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) or the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee. The results should be presented in logical order in the text, tables and illustrations. Excessive repetition of the content of tables or images should be avoided. Results should not be presented twice in tabular and illustrative form. During the discussion, the data should be interpreted concisely, without repeating the documents already presented in the results section. A summary or conclusion should be included at the end of this section. We recommend that authors describe the clinical or biomedical significance of the study. Speculation is permitted, but it must be clearly supported by the results published in the study or literature. The Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases conducts a rigorous, timely and blind peer review process (with an option for double-blind if desired) by experts in this field….

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