Vehicle Repair Auto Repair Agreement Template

Therefore, taking into account the premises and reciprocal agreements included therein, the parties undertake to make a good and valuable consideration, the receipt and quality of which are recognised as follows: 1. DESCRIPTION OF THE SERVICES. The Company uses its professional skills and competencies to provide the Customer with auto repair services, as described in a separate and more detailed engagement (attached as Appendix A) (the “Services”). Both parties acknowledge and agree that the automobile provided for the Services is considered at all times as the property of the Customer. All goods or documents of the automobile are confidential personal information of the customer and possibly of third parties and are treated confidentially and will not be communicated to third parties or companies without the prior written permission of the customer, unless such disclosure is required by law. If you have other legal requirements, check out our full list of customizable service agreements for each industry. Other names for this document: Auto Service Contract, Auto Repair Contract, Auto Repair Contract By the signature below [Customer.Name] indicates the approval of the services and rates listed in this Auto Repair Contract. Likewise, they approve the full conditions of this treaty, without exception. An auto repair contract is entered into by a customer who receives all kinds of repairs for their vehicle and by the company that will carry out all the repairs. [Customer.Name] acknowledges that [Company.Name] has no formal relationship or obligation to an insurer.

[Company.Name`s] sole commitment is to [Customer.Name] and the top priority is to carry out safe, timely and complete repairs. [Customer.Name] acknowledges that [Company.Name] is not required to communicate with or support insurers or their representatives, including the acceptance of insurers` cost estimates or the admission of their agents to store establishments for any reason. [Company.Name] shall not be required to release the vehicle referred to above until [Customer.Name] has made full payment for all services approved in writing and provided by [Company.Name]. In the event that the repair services of the vehicles provided are not paid within 30 days of their completion, [Company.Name] reserves the right to sell the vehicle to cover the costs incurred in performing authorized repair services. This contract shall be deemed binding on both parties and their beneficiaries or assigns, including subsequent holders of title for the vehicle to be repaired. [Company.Name] provides a limited warranty for work performed under this auto repair contract. . . .

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