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4 weeks until new years, what’s your plan?

January 1st is in 4 weeks, do you remember the resolutions you made? Did any of them have to do with your weight? you level of fitness? the size you wear? Did you tell yourself- this is the year I’ll do it! ? Well, how did it go? We have 4 weeks left to live up to the promises we made to ourselves. I have 7lbs to go and 3.7% body fat.

My plan? Eat clean and do what I say I will do when it comes to my work outs. I’m not messing around, time to kick it up a notch and live up to what I said I would do!

How ab0ut you? Even if you feel like you are so far from your original goal go for it! I doubt you’d lose 50lbs or drop 4 sizes in the next 4 weeks, but why not work hard and see what you can do in 4 weeks? Who is joining me? Let’s do this! We can do it!!

Please comment below with your goal and plan below, we will all be rooting each other along the next 4 weeks!

ps- be on the lookout for the Elimination Challenge winner coming soon!! If you participated in the challenge make sure to respond to the email I sent you! You can’t win if I don’t hear from you! Next Elimination Challenge will be in May, but YOU can do the Elimination Diet ANYTIME!

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