I challenge you!

I will not turn down a challenge…. . There is something about a challenge that gets me pumped, there is something about winning things that is so motivating for me.

Well, I have a challenge for you! Join me as I get ready to do the Elimination Diet for the month of May, well May 1-30. All I am asking from you is to do something nice for your body for 30 days! That’s it! I am asking EVERYONE who reads this to participate, the more the better! It is very simple, very doable and very beneficial.

Why? Why would you or anyone want to do the Elimination Diet? Let me answer your question¬† with some more questions, just for fun. Would you like to feel good? Would you like to know why you get all those mysterious headaches, body aches, constipation, migraines, tummy aches, swelling, bloating, gas, etc?¬† Would you like to get rid of some lbs of fat? I’m not saying you have to have all those symptoms to do this, but I think almost everyone suffers from at least one of those on occasion. Are you always sick? fatigued? Have no energy? Feel depressed, sad, lost or frazzled? So I basically described pretty much everyone right? Well, the Elimination Diet can really open your eyes to your nutrition and allow you to understand and listen to your body. Nutrition effects our bodies so much, and it suffers so badly when you’re constantly giving it crap or nothing to run on.

How does the Elimination Diet work? Like I said it’s doable, easy and only 30 days! Come on! we can do 30 days! This link is to the diet: http://www.daxmoy-pts.co.uk/elimination.pdf, everything is there. It tells you word for word what to do. I highly recommend to print it out and read it over,¬† and have handy as a resource as you get started.

Will you join me? Will you finally do something nice for your body? What do you have to lose? A couple lbs of fat, those chronic pains, annoying fatigue?

There can be nothing bad to come from this, so why won’t you join? Please comment below if you are in! and lets see how much we can accomplish this May 1st-30th!! Who’s in?!

The prize: Well, since I’m pretty confident that we are all going to rock this, I am offering a prize. Unfortunately my poorness does not allow me to know what that is for now, but there will be a prize for the biggest change! Now all I gotta do it kick all your butts at this so I can keep whatever awesome prize I come up with for myself! ha! But seriously, if you participate, post a comment saying so and then updating us with your changes after we complete the 30 days. The biggest change will win a prize! Please weigh yourself, get your body fat % read somewhere, measure yourself a few places (waist, belly button, chest, hips & where ever else you’d like) and take a picture- I seriously recommend this because often times we cannot see the changes in ourselves, but a picture can help us see our results. You may keep this information private if you’d like or post them in the comments. I will be posting my beginning stats on May 1st!

We can do it!

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