Tomorrow I Begin the Next Part of my Journey

I like calling it my Journey to Fitness, cause I’m not just “dieting” or am “in a phase” or “being careful with what I eat” you get the point. This is part of my life now. No turning back, just moving forward and closer and closer to becoming that woman I always dreamed of, but thought it was just that, a dream. I can finally see her, she is so close!

Tomorrow I begin the next part of my Journey, tomorrow I start the most disciplined 30 days of my life. I and 5 others will be doing the Elimination Diet. If you look back at my prior posts you can read more about it, or go here: for the actual instructions.

I love a good challenge and so I thought it would be awesome to do a challenge through my new blog here, and I really feel like this is the start point of my fitness career! I am so proud and empowerd that I have 5 others who have taken a step up and decided to join me. I am still shooting for 10 by the end of the day 🙂

So to my participants: please reply to this post with your name and why you want to do this, even if it is cause I guilted you into it 🙂 I also want you to take a before picture (which you can keep private or e-mail me), take a few measurements (your waist and hips for sure!), weigh yourself and take a deep breath. We are in this together and we will get through it! You will be so blessed with this process.

It’s not about losing weight, but it’s about getting healthy. I heard it put like this “every fit person is not necessarily healthy, but every healthy person is fit”. Made me think of nutrition in a whole new light, it’s not just a way to lose weight, but you really clean your body and be healthy.

I am a big believer in the fact that our God says our body is a temple, remember how Jesus reacted when He saw the filth in the temple? I think about this now when I go to put things in my mouth. Is it pure? Is it glorifying to the Lord?

This will be an interesting next 30 days, my husband is doing the Elimination Diet with me and I have removed every processed item from our kitchen, please join us and keep us in prayer as we begin this journey together!

It’s not too late! Join us! as I posted before, there will be a PRIZE for the biggest change!

Why join?! Because the next 30 days of your life is going to pass by anyway, why not dedicate yourself to treating your body the way the Lord intended it 🙂 Hope you join us! The more competition the better!

Email your starting stats/pics to me: I will never share your information without your permission!

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