Diets are like bad parenting- NOT EFFECTIVE!

We’ve all experienced bad parenting moments. Whether it was at the mall, the grocery store or in our living room. We’ve all seen it; and we can all agree on one thing- it doesn’t work! Diets are just like bad parenting. A “oh don’t do that Johnny… johnny… ok- here is some candy” is just like your lame attempt of dieting.

You take one thing away only to give it right back to yourself later. Carbs, fat, low calorie, no carbs, high protein- so many more. And for what? for 5lbs that creep back on plus some later right? or maybe the scale hasn’t moved, but you know your body- maybe those jeans just don’t look like they used to, but they must have shrunk in the dryer…. right.

And to take it even further, does eating right have to be about losing weight? WAIT! reverse that- does that mean when you eat “wrong” you are trying to gain weight? just some stuff for you to think about

The real title of this blog post is:

Why I hate diets & love the Elimination Diet

I’ve tried a lot in my 25 years, starting fairly young with cabbage soup diet, weight watchers, starving myself, no carbs….etc and during all those times I never learned anything about myself. Nope, that did not happen until I did the Elimination Diet.

It was not until the Elimination Diet that I realized how freeing it felt to not be a slave to sugar, to soda, to fat, to chocolate! Yup I was a slave to them, I thought of them all the time. I would imagine chili cheese fries and salivate. Imagine the chocolate-iest thing I could imagine and wish I could dive into a pool of it. I was addicted!

So back to the Elimination diet- its a detox, not a poop in your pants cause everything is evacuating type of detox (for those of you familiar with other cleanses that have you drink concoctions and shakes). This detox is for 30 days and basically removes those things that are enslaving you to poor nutrition and allows you to conquer them and learn about your body.

I am lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive. I always thought that being puffy, have frequent tummy aches and irregularity was a normal part of life- it’s not! But I would have never been able to hear my body without freeing myself from those very things inflicting harm to it. Who would have thought all those “healthy” 100% whole wheat things were making me swell up like a balloon! or that my creamer in my coffee is why I felt like I was going to die later that evening. Being able to know my body and not give it things that do not make it feel good is such an empowering feeling.

So I’m not “dieting” while I am on the Elimination Diet (day 14- thank you very much!). I am learning about my body and giving it what it needs to work right. But you know what- fat loss is just a great side effect of good nutrition. Take a look at what you eat… are you addicted to something? Is your body screaming to be freed of some toxins you continually give it?

Why do we do it? Learn here from a man who was determined to learn why he couldn’t resist food and why his weight always yo-yoing:


  1. terri said

    Loved it! Holly sent. Link yesterday with regard to the 3 things not to eat if you have a belly. I would love to have you post that on your blog to! You are so amazing Rossy and such an encouragment Terri

  2. LindaO said

    Day 14? Good for you! Sometimes it takes a while to acquire the wisdom in life to finally figure out what works for us…I am glad you are taking steps to a healthier (not to mention slimmer!) you. Congrats!

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