New Years Resolutions Revised!

So yesterday got me thinking, half the year is gone, we never get that back! So I looked back at my New Year’s resolutions that I made public via Twitter (follow me at and I wanted to spend a day thinking about them.  Since half the year is gone,  I only have another 6 months to get my goals accomplished.

But wait, resolutions aren’t real! They are just some silly promise we say to make the new year seem more exciting and they are unrealistic goals anyway, right?!

WRONG! Why would you lie to yourself about a promise you make in your heart? Why would you set an unrealistic goal if you didn’t really want to accomplish it? WHY??!! That’s just, well it’s dumb- yet we have all done it. I know I have had the same new years resolution and birthday wish since I was five years old- to lose weight. I was a chubby kid and I hated it. Being teased about my weight from my, well lets just say people close to me so no hurt feelings :), well being teased sucked. It made me feel like I had to do something, but I didn’t know how. Well that’s a whole different post, because I am a huge advocate for not teasing kids about weight, but educating them and raising them to love clean eating and being active.

Ok- my new year’s resolution for 2009 (12:43 AM Jan 1st from TwitterFox) :

1-lose another 30lbs

2-get my beachbody business going

3-make more friends

4-keep my home clean

5-win more stuff!!

Now, let’s look and revise!

1- lose another 30lbs: I had lost 30 lbs at this point and since then I have lost another 20…. not bad for 6 months, so I will revise and I will shoot for another 20lbs revising this resolution to – lose 40lbs in 2009 making a grand total of 70lbs lost. I know I can and I will do this!

2- get my Beachbody business going: well, I haven’t done much with this. I love beachbody and I love the idea of making $ with it and helping people get active, but I can share and encourage, but I cannot force anyone to want to change their body and life. I pray that in helping more people maybe there will be more order through my website ( On that note, feel free to order workout programs or supplements through my site. Beachbody has amazing programs and products. I love that their focus is getting people active and not about some craze or fat products or pill. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of their products to order 🙂 Revised resolution- get business cards and start promoting business through people interested in my transformation.

3- make more friends: God has been really amazing in this department. He has brought some amazing people into our lives and I have been very blessed by their friendship. Praise the Lord! Revised resolution- encourage and love the people God has placed in my life.

4- Keep my home clean: Well, I still feel like we are in the simplifying mode. There is plenty I need to go through, get rid of and clean clean clean! I really want to get this under control the next few months! Revised resolution- De-clutter and simplify home, get rid on unnecessary items, organize and clean what I have and be a good steward of the things God has blessed me with.

5- win more stuff!: I love winning stuff! I am currently in a challenge through (check it out!) and I am hoping to be a finalist in the challenge again, we have 3 weeks left. Other then that I’m not in the running for any other prizes… any suggestions? Revised resolution- keep myself challenged, either through competition or self motivation.

I feel really good about my resolutions and where they are 6 months into the year, but revisiting and revising them was a really awesome confirmation that 2009 really is a year of complete change for me!

What were your resolutions? How are they coming along? I challenge you to revisit and revise your resolutions. Don’t let them be in vain again this year, 2009 is a great year and now is a great time to accomplish the things you truly desire for yourself!

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