12-week Summer Slim Down Challenge Results are in!

So as you know, I love a good challenge. So I participated in the Summer Slim Down Challenge through ClubFYM.com. I have raved on and on about how much I love this online community I do wish you’d click on the link to the right of the screen and check it out yourself! But here are my results from the challenge. I have also included the essay and pictures I have submitted into the website, a bit lengthy, but from my heart! 🙂

Summer Transformation Challenge 2009! BRING IT!

Name: Rossy
Age: 25
Height: 5’1″

May 1st————–July 24th (difference)

Weight: 154.8————144.2 (10.6LBS GONE FOREVER!)
body fat %: 29.3%————25.9% (3.4% BODY FAT GONE!)
waist: 30.5″————28.5” (2” GONE!)
BB: 32.25″————30.25” (2” GONE!)
chest: 36.5″————-34.25”(2.25” GONE!)
bust: 37.5″————–35.75”(1.75” GONE!)
under bust: 33″————–31.25”(1.75” GONE!)
hips/booty: 41.75″—————Hips: 37.75” Booty: 40” (1.75” GONE!)
under butt(with both legs): 40″—————37.5”(2.5” GONE!)
R thigh: 24.5″————23.25”(1.25” GONE!)
L thigh: 24.25″———–23.25”(1” GONE!)
R bicep: 12″————11”(1” GONE!)
L bicep: 11.75″———11”(.75” GONE!)
R upper arm: 13.25″———–12”(1.25” GONE!)
L upper arm: 13″————–12”(1” GONE!)
neck: 13.25″—————-12.75”(.5” GONE!)
R calf: 14.75″—————–14”(.75” GONE!)
L calf: 14.5″——————-14”( .5” GONE!)

TOTALS: 10.6 lbs removed, down 3.4% body fat & 22.5 INCHES GONE?! WHAT?!


WOW! I think I just wow-ed myself! I really had no idea that I had made so much progress with the inches! I knew things were fitting way looser, but you know what we do in our heads- we think “oh, I must have stretched these out the last time I wore them”, or “oh! Its cause they are not fresh out of the wash! That’s when they feel the tightest!” ha! Why do we continue to do that to ourselves?! NO MORE! I’m going to be content and not excuse myself when the true inner me is saying “LOOK HOW MUCH CLOSER YOU ARE!” And with new clothing I have purchased I right away think “this MUST be mis-labeled- there’s no way I fit into a 6 or a 4!” (well the 4 I do own, I really think that the brand must run big, because I do not feel like I can pick up any 4 and fit into them- but I will soon!)

This challenge has been awesome for me. I felt so empowered by what I was able to prove to myself and accomplish. As many of you know this is not the beginning nor the end of my personal journey to fitness. This is a lifelong race and I intend on continuing to wow myself and others. I am crying as I see my stats and my pictures, I had really convinced the old Rossy that this was impossible, that I would never get there. Now I look at my original pictures (from may 08) and I don’t even recognize that woman. She isn’t me, she was a sad, fat and hopeless girl who hated herself. I am nothing like her. I am happy, satisfied, excited, eager, confident, inspiring, hott, yummy and extremely hopeful for what is to come.

This challenge has pushed me to become leaner, think leaner, think stronger, except the changes that occurring in my body and embrace them! I am becoming fit! I keep on trying to categorize myself as fat or chubby, but I don’t think I can do that anymore. I’m actually starting to feel…. Dare I say! Not fat! Wow, I actually am JUST realizing this! I’m not fat! Now don’t get me wrong! I still have a ways to go, and I still have goals! There is no end or finishing point, if there were this would not be called a fitness JOURNEY, it would be a fitness trip… and that’s not what I am on.

Well, I feel so all over the place with this, ok- Mentally I have grown a lot, I now am embracing the new me and it excites me to see where I will go from here, cause I can only get leaner, fitter, stronger! I am allowing myself to not be fat and trap myself in the fat girl mind set. I don’t have emotional break downs cause nothing fits, or cause my jeans cut off my circulation. If anything I cannot find anything that doesn’t look sloppy! I allow myself to indulge, I don’t beat myself up for any bad choices. I look in the mirror and I smile, I am actually loving myself- and that’s something I think I have never done in my life, since I can remember I had hated my body. I remember as early as five years old I would look at my big belly and be sad. I remember using my birthday wishes as a child to wish myself skinny. Wow, this is really emotional!

Okay, enough crying! Nutrition- I have come a long way here. I crave good nutrition, I am excited to try new things, I love the online planner and feel like it’s a sort of balancing game I am always wanting to win. But all at the same time I am not OBSESSED with it. I allow myself to indulge, maybe sometimes more then I should. I have gotten out of the mentality of rewarding myself or allowing myself to indulge based on the fact that I worked out. I no longer workout more so I can eat more, but I eat to support the workouts I do- SO DIFFERENT! I started the Challenge by doing the Elimination Diet for the 2nd time. I also challenged some of my friends to do it with me on my fitness blog- www.FatmomtoFitmom.com- I had 10 participants and the ones that went all the way through were so blessed to learn about their bodies and get over the plateaus they were experiencing. And I was blessed to have their support and to support them. I am now committed to doing the ED every 6 months challenging myself to be even stricter with it, in November 2009 I plan to do a completely raw Elimination Diet, I will have to do some research about all that as it gets closer! I am currently trying the carb rotation diet and it has been awesome. I am doing this for the sole purpose of training myself to include carbs in my diet and to balance them. I had always thought carbs=bread, and I know that is not true so I am learning lots right now!

Workouts- I did not do the FYM workouts like I wanted to, but that was because I did not want to overtrain as I was doing a lot with my new job as a group fitness instructor! I got hired in June and had my first class on June 30th, since then I have had 3 more classes and have been practicing for my 10+ more classes I have in August! I absolutely LOVE teaching group fitness! I am fuelled by the energy and excitement the other women bring, but I can tell that I have a growing desire to become a personal trainer and also get some type of certificate in nutrition! I love helping women figure out the mystery of fitness and nutrition and get results! But before then I want to achieve my goals, I want to look like a personal trainer! I want to look as fit & yummy as Holly!

I had a amazing time with this challenge and I am looking forward to the next where I plan to be much more active here at clubFYM, you ladies simply amaze me and fuel me with the motivation and inspiration to continue my journey strong! I am honored to be part of this amazing and blessed community!

1. I will get down to 25% body fat by the end of the challenge.-I’m down to 25.9% I am very please with this accomplishment!
2. I will be content with what ever number that is on the scale.- I am! Seeing that my weight went down as did my body fat % is great confirmation that I am going about this in an effective and healthy way!
3. I will get my waist & BB down under 30″- got my waist down to 28.5”! Belly button is at 30.25”- so close, I’m still very happy with this!
4. I will get my hips/booty down under 40″- Well, this is a funny one, my hips and largest part of my booty have always been the same place….until now! I now have a distinction between them! And the largest of the 2 (booty of course!) is at 40”!
5. I will complete the 30 days of the Elimination Diet beginning 5/1- check! This was awesome!
6. I will eat clean for the entire challenge- so this one did not happen, but looking at it now, that was kinda a silly goal, I should have put 80% of the time!
7. I will complete each and every workout- I remained active the whole time!
8. I will do this with my all, 100% of myself- I did, and I learned that giving my 100% may not equal perfection, and that is ok!
9. I will only step on the scale once a week to do my weekly weigh-in on Peertrainer.com- I did great with this for the first half, I have been stepping on more often since I started the carb rotation diet, I am doing this so I can see how my body reacts to high, low or no carb days- this has not developed into an obsession as it has before.
10. I will only do a waist and hips measurement once a week for my peertrainer.com group. all other measurements will wait for the end of the challenge.-yup!
11. At the end of this challenge I want to feel good in my own skin, I want to wear a bikini no matter the stretch marks. I want to feel hott! I want to reflect on the outside what I feel on the inside.- I did this! I wore a bikini in front of my family! Last weekend I did a 5k mudrun with my familia and had no problem stripping down to my bikini and chilling like that while I got cleaned up, afterwards I actually left my bikini top on as a top while we all hung out! I wanted to work on my belly tan J
12. At the end of this challenge I want to have completely transformed my nutritional habits and not just finish the Elimination Diet and go back. I have no business having what I used to have in my cupboards, or eating what I used to eat.-I do feel like I have accomplished this! I have not purchased the things we used to have, I am very careful and I read ingrediants. I mostly just buy everything fresh. The best part about it is that my hubby is super happy with this change and doesn’t miss anything! Praise God!

Here’s to the next challenge and your personal journey!!

Lets go girls! We can do it!

Before & After pictures:

RossyBeforeSTC front

RossyAfterSTC front

RossyBeforeSTC side

RossyAfterSTC side

RossyBeforeSTC back

RossyAfterSTC back

RossyBeforeSTC strongRossyAfterSTC strong

ATTENTION ALL LADIES READING THIS! the next FYM challenge begins on Aug 3rd and if you are reading this now, you ARE doing it with me! 🙂 now you MUST click on the link to the right of the screen that says Fit Yummy Mummy (no-you do not have to be a mom!!) if you are female, you are to listen to me! I want you to join clubfym.com the online community for the 30 day free trial (to start- so you can’t say you cannot afford it!) then I want you to click on the ebook for Fit Yummy Mummy to the right of the screen and get the ebook for $4.95 to try it. READ IT! this will change your life regardless of what your goals are or even if you currently have no goals or think you don’t need goals. This WILL improve your life and the life of the ones you love. TRY IT AND SEE! Stop kidding and lying to yourself, you need to take care of you! Stop thinking you can do this on your own- YOU NEED SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE! If you cannot read how SERIOUS AND PASSIONATE I am about this, then YOU’RE BLIND- NOTICE ALL THE BOLD TYPE!


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    Great job! You’re awesome! And so hott!!!

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