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CLICK HERE>Summer Slim Down Challenge Finalists<CLICK HERE

The link above will direct you to some of the most pheonominal and inspiring stories of how women have been empowered with the information and support they needed to literally TRANSFORM their bodies and minds.

Please check it out, read their stories, check out their before and after pictures and VOTE! I along side these women and dozens of others participated in a 12 week Summer Slim Down Challenge through

The next challenge starts this coming monday, Aug. 3rd and if you are a woman I WANT you to join us!! Before all your excuses start spewing out of your mouth- read my answers to those excuses first!

1-no time: Holly Rigsby is the creator and author of Fit Yummy Mummy and has designed a workout program that takes 15 minutes a workout! literally 15 minutes. 3 resistance workouts, 3 interval cardio workouts= 90 minutes of working out a week! if you are doing 0 minutes or 10 hours of working out a week I personally challenge you to give this a try- and you will see and feel a difference!

2- no $, ha! I got this one covered too!’s membership is $9.95 a month- BUT if you click the link I have for it to the right you will see that you can sign up and get 30 days FREE! Yup, free! & the link to the right for the e-book (which is needed to do the challenge) allows you to try the e-book for 30 days for $4.95 ! After 30 days you will have to pay the remaining $35 (I believe) and after 30 days of clubFYM membership you will also have to start paying… BUT! I want to challenge you to try this challenge for 30 days, give the 30 days your all.  Do everything just the way its outlined for you (completely doable and reasonable) for 30 days, at 30 days remeasure, take another picture of yourself. If after 30 days you don’t have jaw dropping results and not one person has complimented how awesome you look and your clothes are still fitting the way they were then I give you permission to quit! and get not spend another cent on it. I seriously believe that you will get amazing results with this THAT much! So what’s $4.95 ? Hey- if you don’t believe how amazing this might me- read the testimonies of the ladies in above link!

3- I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Ok- so you’ve tried what? fad diets? starving yourself? sweating yourself into an injury? Have you ever learned about your body? about nutrition? about HOW to excercise and do it effectively??! Well, then you haven’t tried everything, or else you wouldn’t be in the physical state you are currently in. You have been looking for the quick fix, the magic pill and special exotic cream, the perfect slimming shake. It ain’t out there! You gotta know how to eat, when to eat, what to eat & how to exercise! (notice the emphasis on the eating!)

4- I just don’t think this will work for me. A very wise woman at said something that changed my world- she said “excuses are just well designed LIES!” stop lying to yourself, stop telling yourself you will never get there, stop thinking that you will never lose the fat, or never be fit, or never be happy with the way you look! If you buy into this lie, then you are choosing to just stay where you are at! sorry, I’m a little harsh, but how can you know something won’t work for you- unless you try it!

5- maybe next time. yeah I’ve heard that one before, why are you so afraid to act NOW! live NOW! Change NOW! you ARE worth it, you DESERVE to be happy, to live free-er, to do and be what you want to be.

okay, well, if still you refuse to try and see what amazing results you CAN achieve then, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that with my own transformation I cannot convince you enough, just know that I will trek on and give my all for you, you will get to this place one day, and I pray and hope I can be part of it, cause that’s me. I want you to be happy, I want you to know what you are capable of. Will you join me? and I AM seriously talking to you! No one is going to be reading this far into my post if it wasn’t meant to be. so Join ME! We can do it!

Now that you’re in here is what I NEED of you:

-comment on this post so I can keep you accountable

-click on links to the right for e-book and for clubfym

-once signed up for clubfym go there and get registered for the challenge that begins on monday!

Okay ladies, LETS DO THIS! I will be here to hold your hand the whole way, I promise!

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