Drum roll please!

okay, so I know I never announced the winner for my May Elimination Diet 30-day Challenge- I have learned to get the prize physically in hand before the challenge now 🙂

So we started with 10 excited participants and ended with 6 AMAZING finishers! The challenge was to complete the 30-day Elimination Diet where we would be removing 1-sugar, 2-red meat, 3-caffiene, 4-procced foods, 5-alcohol & 6-dairy for 30 days. In doing this you remove unwanted toxins from your body while flooding it with nutrient rich whole foods (and the natural side effect of that is your blody releases the fat that has been trapped by toxins in your body). Everyone did an awesome job learning so much about their body, losing a ton of inches & fat and gaining so much knowledge about what their body truly wanted and needed.

It was pretty tough to choose a winner of the challenge, I saw so much growth and transformation of the mind, so many insights about food addictions people had no idea they had. I prayed a long while about it and then it was clear to me who the winner was.

This person gave their 100% to the challenge, they had ups and downs- which is totally normal, but this person stood out because she learned something that is key to her success. She was able to stop and look inwardly when she met a new challenge or a road block. She not only is melting away on the outside, but she is going through amazing transformations on the inside of herself. She understands herself in a new light, she sees her obstacles now and can prepare and equip herself for them instead of getting side swipped. She is implementing her insights daily and continues on her journey. She has goals and her eyes are steadfast on them.

The winner of Fatmomtofitmom.com’s first ever challenge is my good friend Terri Yard! In the 30 days she managed to lose 7 inches of fat! Isn’t that awesome?! Terri is an amazing woman and I am honored to be her friend and witness what an amazing transformation she is having.

Terri’s dedication to her fitness and health is being rewarded with a gift certificate for her choice of a massage or facial from Total Woman Spa!

Terri: I am so incredibly proud of you. You are an inspiration to me and you fuel my motivation to keep on going. I am honored and blessed to be your friend and thank God for putting us together. I am happy to be on this journey together and show the world what we are capable of if we rely on our Lord for strength, learn about how He designed us to be and remain diligent to His calling of keeping His temple clean!

woo hoo! Help me congratulate Terri with comments below!


  1. Ryan said

    Good work, Terri!

  2. terri said

    Ahhhh Thanks Rossy we are mutual encouragers with a common goal of getting our temples in orde. We can and will be the women our Lord designed us to be! PTL!!!

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