Its that time of year again!

Do you smell the sweet pumpkin candles everywhere? Have you starting your holiday baking? Pulling out the warm sweaters? Turning on the heater? Yes, this time of year can feel so cozy and warm, especially if you are an average american who puts on 12lbs during the holidays.
Well, NOT THIS YEAR! Lets battle this “tradition” and end it now! Who cares if you don’t plan on wearing a bathing suit until next June- Thats a LAME excuse to put on extra lbs!
Here’s how we will do this. Accountability and learning! Please Join me in my 2nd Fatmomtofitmom Elimination Challenge!! For 30 days I want YOU to join me during the month of November to Eliminate items from our daily food intake to better learn about your body and to avoid ugly fat gain during the holidays.
If you can feel the fluff adding and the jiggle as you drive YOU NEED TO DO THIS! If you make the same resolution Jan 1st every year (to lose weight) then YOU NEED TO DO THIS! If you just said “elimination during THANKSGIVING?!!” YOU NEED TO DO THIS!
More details to come friday, October 30th, but know these three things:
1-you won’t regret joining my challenge!
2-you will be supported the whole way through
3- there is a prize* for the most improvement among the participants!-seriously, I have it now- and I even have a friend working on a male friendly prize 🙂

*the prize is currently limited to participants in Southern California and is for a female (males can use it as a gift for their special lady!), but I am working/looking for a prize that can be mailed to any participant in the United States, regardless I would LOVE your participation.

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