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November has 30 days and that is exactly what we need for the Elimination Diet! If you haven’t read my prior post where I rave on and on about the Elimination Diet then you should (Diets are like bad parenting-NOT EFFECTIVE!). But to give you a shortened version… The Elimination Diet is a 30-day natural detox using real whole foods (nothing fake, no shakes, pills or creams involved!) to clean out toxins from our body to let our bodies respond and react the way that they were created to do. It is YOU who has polluted it with all the crap that goes into your mouth so it is YOU who must commit to this! You body will thank you (sorry for the harshness, but i have no way to say it nicer).
This is the link to the Elimination Diet: http://www.daxmoy-pts.co.uk/elimination.pdf It’s a free resource, anyone can get it, go to the link, print it out and READ IT! Dax Moy, creator of the Elimination Diet explains EXACTLY what to do in detail, I promise. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section of this post and I will do my best to answer it.
So that explained the what and a little bit of the why… let me expand on why. You need to clear your body of the junk because right now your body is not opperating the way it was designed to. You are consuming (even if you think you “eat healthy”) things in your normal diet that are keeping your body from functioning regularly, so in order to fix that you must remove or “eliminate” those things from your diet for 30 days (thats how long it needs to get out of your system). Notice this “diet” has a beginning and end, not something you are expected to do forever, but doing this will help you learn about your body individually so you can know how to fuel it forever!
Who should do this? Let me put it this way- if you answer yes to ALL these questions you are off the hook and do not have to do this 🙂
1. Are you happy with where your body is right now?
2. Do you feel comfortable in situations where you are expected to wear a swimsuit in public?
3. Do you have normal bowel movements (at least 1-3 times a day)?
4. Has your weight remained the same, consistently, for the past 3 years (that means no drastic ups and downs of 10+lbs)?
5. Do you consider yourself to be fit or at your desired fitness level?
6. Do you rarely get sick and when you do you recover very quickly?
7. Do you rarely-never get tummy aches, boated, diarrhea or constipation?
8. Do you wake up full of energy and sustain your energy level all day?

Not many, if any, people can answer yes to all those questions. Even the most fit or most “healthy” people can benefit from the Elimination Diet!
What if you don’t need/or wish to lose weight? great question! The elimination diet is not focused on weight loss, but like I tell ALL my clients- if you follow and stay true to the Elimination Diet then if there is weight to be lost, it will start to get lost. The Elimination Diet is for everone! Whether your goals are to maintain weight, lose fat, gain muscle, have more energy or just to feel better! EVERYONE can benefit from this challenge!
If you choose to not participate and you are reading this, you simply are not ready (or willing) to take control of your body and try to see what happens. This is my biggest frustration and my biggest heart break when it comes to my profession. So many people want change, they want results, they have goals, they want to finally have success… but unfortunately it seems like too much work. If only I could do it for you, I would! But the desire and commitment to take control of your situation can only come from you. And when you’re finally ready you will get results, I promise! So what do you say? Do you take this challenge?

Please post a comment below if you will be joining us*! We start Sunday, November 1st, 2009 and the first 2 days are prep days, so you cannot say you don’t have enough time to get ready! If you decide to join late that is fine! unfortunately you will not qualify for the prize, but you will be making a HUGE step in reaching your health and fitness goals!

Once I have received your comment I will email you with what I need from you and you can expect to be receiving emails from me to support you during this 30-day challenge.

The winner will be announced on December 15th. Each participant will be responsible to respond to me during the first week of December with their reflection of how their 30-day challenge went to qualify in being considered for the honor of being the 2nd Elimination Challenge winner. Let’s do this!

*Please note that I will never share any information regarding you or anything you share with me on my blog without prior approval from you. Anything you leave in the comment box below is public, if you would like to contact me privately please email me at fatmomtofitmom@gmail.com

ps- challenge is open to all ages and genders! It’s not just for moms, great for EVERYONE!


  1. Adriana Legg said

    Hey Rossy,
    I would love to do the elimination diet. I’ve been wanting to lose 30-35 pounds for a long time.

  2. Priscilla Rodriguez said

    I am so in!!

  3. Wendy Rocha said

    Hi Rossy,
    I’m in! I really want to try to do this.
    You have been a great inspiration and testimony of what you can accomplish if you are only willing and ready. I’m ready.

  4. Laleanne said

    Rossy! I’m in. I’m practically living in the bathroom with the 2 liters of water, but I actually like drinking it. I actually feel like I’m even more thirsty– haha weird! Anyway– I’m in. I have a bad track record of not sticking to routines– so let’s hope I can change that with this. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Leticia Rodriguez said

    Sure I’m in, trying to reduce the lard.

  6. mara morales said


  7. Ryan Ruppe said

    I’m all over this challenge, like peanut butter on gluten-free waffles.

  8. Angela Paisano said

    Hey girl…u know I’m in and have been in since day one.

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