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Am I too sick to workout?

So in the past I wouldn’t really entertain the idea of being too sick to workout… Well cause since I started my journey I really haven’t been… Until now 🙁 I’m down with an upper respiratory viral infection. Praise God it’s not the flu! But I am definitely in no place to workout.
So to answer your question. Am I too sick to workout:
If you are having trouble breathing, are coughing up your insides, your head pounds with every movement… Then yes- you ARE too sick to workout. And guess what?! THAT’S OK!! While you’re down for the count allow your body to heal! When you’re a chronic exercise freak or you just started to get your groove I’m sure you experienced that constant soreness. Use this time to completely heal- but there is something you CAN do that will make this time even more beneficial to your come back after the cold- STRETCH!
So my advice to you when your sick- rest & stretch. If you can manage some low impact yoga to keep your sanity-then by all means please do so. But don’t push through to a coughing fit or induce a migraine. It’s always key to listen to your body- not when it’s saying “I want chocolate cake!” But when it’s truly showing you that it needs some good ol’ R&R.


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