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Is working out safe while pregnant?


There is no one perfect answer for this– BUT– as a fitness professional this is what I tell people:
I am not a Dr– but if you have been physically active BEFORE you got pregnant and you have no issues with your pregnancy, not high-risk, then you SHOULD be able to continue your workout routine– BUT it is not advisable to increase the intensity or start something more rigorous. Additionally, you need to listen to YOUR body and modify where and when needed AND talk to YOUR Dr about your workout plan!
For me personally I did NOT excercise much at ALL during my first pregnancy– I was told by my dr that I was not have both feet leave the floor EVER during this pregnancy! I had just finished my 1st 10K obstacle race that I had trained for and took this advice to heart and bye-bye gym and welcome “eating for 2”– needless to say I had A LOT of work ahead of me after baby arrived and a LOT of extra lbs that were FAR from “baby fat” they were “ME-FAT”!
After 18 months of learning about clean eating and meeting my favorite workouts I dropped 75lbs– kept it off and then came pregnancy #2!! I decided that I was going to challenge my dr on her beliefs and convinced her that as long as baby was healthy and I was not harming myself or baby I would continue my workouts– modifying when my body told me it was time– she agreed! I had a WONDERFUL pregnancy and then at 36 weeks got HALTED due to me starting to dilate— my dr was worried I would go into labor early and took me off my routine— I made the mistake of not altering my nutrition and the lbs came on– boo! (& my son came 2 days late…)
NOW I’m in pregnancy #3!! I have lived and learned! I am NOT where I was fitness wise before pregnancy #2 due to my hormonal imbalance issues that I JUST got a handle on before this pregnancy– BUT I am able to continue my workouts AND I have truly embraced eating clean for my pregnancy– before with baby #2 I was burning so many calories that I had gotten used to allowing some bad habits to creep in– basically cause it didn’t affect my weight (that was dumb!).
Am I perfect? NO WAY!! BUT I am DETERMINED to make this my healthiest pregnancy EVER! and I know that all the hard work I put in now will only make recovery and any baby weight loss be SOOOO much easier!

If you are expecting I suggest you talk to your dr and be real with them– if you don’t agree with their advise or think it’s too extreme– talk it out! If you are high risk you NEED to embrace your season and rest and REALLY BUCKLE DOWN ON YOUR NUTRITION! If you have been active long before your pregnancy started explain that to your dr if you are not deemed high risk– stay active if your dr approved and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!
You might experience discomfort due to round ligament movement– I found a maternity belt did wonders for that! And don’t forget about that good ole’ relaxin hormone– wonderful for child birth– but can cause over active joints some grief– PIVOT YOUR FEET during workouts that cause you to twist and turn a lot (AKA- Turbo Kick!)! Use proper footgear AND become a nazi about your form!!

Abs & core: THIS is another controversial area for pregnant moms– MY personal rule of thumb for ME is no more then 15 minutes of floor on my back work past 20 weeks– AGAIN– I’M NOT A DR!!! But this is my own rule for my OWN body! BUT when do I ever do that– more then 15 minutes and I’d be bored out of my mind! AND WHY ABS NOW? Well, I want to help support my back and have less pain– so I focus on core– with workouts like PiYo to keep me STRONG so I can feel great throughout the pregnancy and not be waddling holding my back. ALSO, I’d like to help my core be ready to snap back into shape for after baby– don’t get me wrong– I don’t have a 6-pack and this is NOT the time to build one– having too much muscle would scare me about muscle separation– again– talk to your dr– advocate for yourself, do your research and do what’s right for YOU!!
I hope you found this helpful! Please follow me on Facebook for more tips and to follow my pregnancy! If you’re a fellow pregnant mom I’d love to hear from you and how I can help YOU during this amazing time!

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It’s time to Reset! Recovering from hormonal imbalance.

ultimate reset post

Every step, every page of your journey is your own– and you should own it! Many times my personal journey has taken detours and turns I had not expected. Going into my last pregnancy at my fittest I had ever been in my life I had a plan to bounce back from pregnancy without skipping a beat. I even announced to some friends that I was going to call it “6 months to a 6-pack after a baby”… yeah, not so much. It’s been 3.5 years now and I am far from a 6-pack or even from where I was before baby. Now, I didn’t fall off the deep end or decide that I’d give up on my goals– instead I have been struggling with much frustration. After my son was born in August of 2011 I felt great and 4 weeks post baby I started with light yoga and walking and graduated up to more once I got cleared by my doctor. And while at my clearance appointment 6 weeks after baby my doctor suggest I go back onto the Mirena IUD, since that’s what I had before my pregnancy, I thought nothing of it and gave my approval and in it went. The last time I had lost the majority of my weight I had gotten the Mirena, it was between my kids and never had noticed any issues. And it wasn’t until after my son’s 3rd birthday that I started to reflect on my frustrations and I started to put things together…

My son was 12 weeks old when I had the opportunity to take a full time position, which was a blessing to my family at the time and I felt called to take it and so I did. The weight wasn’t coming off the way I was expecting– it must be my schedule I thought, so I kept pressing on. Soon I started to experience hip pain, my pregnancy must have messed up my hips I assumed. You hear some moms assign different ailments to each pregnancy and I thought, well I guess my son did a number on my hips, I kept pressing on. Soon after my feet were killing me, it was painful to step out of bed in the morning and walking upstairs at the end of the day left me looking like I was 95 years old. I had always had “bad feet” and I assumed that the pregnancy had made them worse. 18 months of plantar fasciitis is what I had lived through– exercise would make it worse… right? So I dialed down the exercise. Not seeing the weight move, but instead move UP made clean eating depressing. I’d lead groups of 50+ through clean eating challenges, through workout programs and I felt like a fat loser with the fit version of me lost inside, confused and broken. I decided I needed to exercise for my sanity, pushed through the pain and realized that for me, the more I moved, the more my plantar fasciitis felt better– after 18 months of wobbling the pain faded the more I moved and stretched– PiYo workouts were a godsend for this.

nearly 3 & 1/2 years later the weight still not gone, efforts seem to be going no where. Depression constantly stealing my joy and making me feel like a failure…. and I truly felt as if I was a failure and I wore it– in the form of the fat that had accumulated and not moved off. This lead me to investigate and do some research on the ONLY other variable I could think of… the Mirena IUD…. but why? I hadn’t had any issues before…. but again, I never had one in RIGHT after I delivered a baby and had some extra fluff to work off… could it be what’s keeping me? but how?

I’m no expert, but the more I searched online and read of other’s experienced sounded all too familiar– weight not budging no matter how great the efforts, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, and my newest symptom– lower back pain. In layman’s terms the Mirena was causing inflammation which was throwing my body off balance, it was messing with my hormonal balance causing depression and my metabolism to basically work against me. Many woman gained anywhere from 10-65 lbs while I didn’t gain a ton– I was grateful that my fight and all my effort had kept me at a standstill instead of putting MORE on. I was so relieved to have an answer– so out came the Mirena as soon as I could get an appt, in late January. Immediately I felt my energy back, I felt like myself! My hip pain, GONE! and my lower back was left weak. I quickly turned to a 3-day cleanse I had fallen in love with– the 3-day Refresh. While many woman I met had waited MONTHS or even YEARS before their hormones were back in balance and experienced their first cycle post Mirena removal– mine came 2 weeks later and regularly ever since. I am so happy to have such a great tool to help my body and I do feel that my daily intake of Shakeology had a huge part in that too… but NOW I am ready to kick this into high gear. But instead of hitting my workout programs hard, start lifting heavy and going at my clean eating in beast mode– I want to Reset my body– like an in depth tune-up 🙂 that’s why today marks my day 1 of the Ultimate Reset. More on what exactly the Ultimate Reset is and about my journey with it! Today is day 1 of 21!

Click here if you want to read more about it!

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Why giving up on yourself sucks!


Hello, my name is Rossy and I refuse to give up! I love to push, to grow and to help others…. so why the heck am I always quitting on myself?! You might be a little confused, well let me back up and let you in on a little secret of mine, it’s actually something I think I have never really shared… well with anyone! I have NEVER completed one of my own workout programs from start to finish!Seriously! I have started almost all that I have (I have a few I plan to pull out once I get closer to my goal) and I will stick to it, go 0-60 mph, all in.. then I fizzle out… usually about 2-3 weeks in. I will convince myself that skipping a day is ok and I will double up the next day, then I say that I will double up the next week… then it doesn’t happen and I stop posting about it…. and no one asks me anything about it…. cause I’m hiding. I am a fitness coach here to help YOU! So now I shift my focus…. how can I help YOU, how are YOU doing…. then someone asks me….. “how are you doing Rossy?”…….”oh great! thanks!” I lie…. 

After two years of this horrible cycle a friend of mine and I were on a walk and we asked each other… why do we do this? And it hit me: I’m not being real with myself, I give into my excuses and I hide from accountability. I know I am a people pleaser and I have let that side of my take over my priority of my own fitness… why? Well, cause basically I am ok with disappointing myself, but not others… “HOW SAD!” I thought, and I thought of what I would say if someone shared this with me… I would tell them how important their health and fitness is for their future, their children, to be a better version of themselves, to feel free and not weighed down by their failures, that they could do it and that I believed in them!….. so, do I not believe in myself? am I failure? Am I a hypocrite by trying to be a fitness coach and struggling with the same issues I am trying to coach people through? 


I am strong, I am fit and this is part of MY journey! It’s taken a lot to get me here, a lot of tears, sweat, bingeing, disappointment, restrain, prayer and just downright hard work. So now I know what I am doing wrong, I see this cycle and I ask, what will get me OUT OF THIS RUT?! Again, I go to my coaching mode and I start coaching myself- start small Rossy- you can do this- you’ve got this- you’ve got to do something!

So why am I sharing this with you… well, cause over the last couple weeks I have met, read about and watched how MANY people struggle with this, I am not alone, I don’t just suck at life. I know that this will speak and motivate someone else too. I firmly believe that EVERY part of my journey will make me a stronger coach and person. So this is where I start small and here is where I will plant a seed of accountability and pray that it grows beyond me. Today I started my newest fitness program. I am going to stick to it and post DAILY in my private Challenge Group page filled with others who are striving towards their goals too. The new program is called the 21 Day Fix, I am in love with it. Simple, to the point and dumb-proof. This post is not about the program, but I will be sharing my progress on this blog and doing a review after I complete the program in 3 weeks… yup, after21 days (remember- start small!) I will be posting a full review of the program so you can see more about it yourself… of course if you want to know more about the program NOW, you know you can contact me and I can help you get the right pack for you.

So here is to new starts, a new month and new view of where I am today. I am not a quitter, but I sure felt like that’s all I was for quite a long time. This is me, the REAL Rossy. It will be hard  and I’m sure I will want to throw in the towel and binge, but I know where that gets me, and that’s is no where I want to be, it’s not really me and I am tired of hiding here. Come back soon to see my progress…. and if you don’t hear from me- call me out on it!!


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Am I too sick to workout?

So in the past I wouldn’t really entertain the idea of being too sick to workout… Well cause since I started my journey I really haven’t been… Until now 🙁 I’m down with an upper respiratory viral infection. Praise God it’s not the flu! But I am definitely in no place to workout.
So to answer your question. Am I too sick to workout:
If you are having trouble breathing, are coughing up your insides, your head pounds with every movement… Then yes- you ARE too sick to workout. And guess what?! THAT’S OK!! While you’re down for the count allow your body to heal! When you’re a chronic exercise freak or you just started to get your groove I’m sure you experienced that constant soreness. Use this time to completely heal- but there is something you CAN do that will make this time even more beneficial to your come back after the cold- STRETCH!
So my advice to you when your sick- rest & stretch. If you can manage some low impact yoga to keep your sanity-then by all means please do so. But don’t push through to a coughing fit or induce a migraine. It’s always key to listen to your body- not when it’s saying “I want chocolate cake!” But when it’s truly showing you that it needs some good ol’ R&R.


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Eat Clean & Get Lean strikes again!

Why do I do this every year on the month of thanksgiving?
Well, I do it for 2 reasons:
2- me
1: you need the accountability, you need to keep at it or get started, you need someone to pull you through when every where you turn there is a pumpkin pie with a dallop of whipped cream screaming “eat me!! I’m low fat!!”
2: ok I need your help for all the above listed reasons.
Really, we need each other so I do this for us!
If you have never experienced an eat clean & get lean challenge please consider, go to and check it out. I don’t want you to miss out on something that could change your life- it changed mine.


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Introducing the newest amendment to my “why?”

As I’ve posted before without a why- you have no drive, no purpose. It’s the gas that fuels us, inspires us, motivates us. Your why can shift, grow & change as you do, but you need one to get somewhere.
My why began on march 8th, 2008 with the birth of my daughter- Isabella. Her coming into the world threw me into an unexpected journey to health & fitness that has now become my full-time career. Never would have I imagined being blessed enough to work from home- but here I am. And now I am pleased to introduce to you the newest amendment to MY why: Ezekiel: born on Saturday, august 27th at 12:10am. 8lbs 2oz & 19.5″ of pure baby boy! I’m blessed beyond belief & excited for how my life is changing!
Please continue to come check out my fitness blog as I continue my journey of reaching my goals and helping others reach their’s!

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Fit Pregnancy- Having a baby any day now!

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