My journey to fitness part 2! Where do I start?

Its been 8 weeks tonight since I had my baby boy. I’ve been cleared by my doc and I’m ready to run! I’ve been upping my workouts and intensity slowly, but now I am ready! Now where do I start? As a fitness coach I am asked this question A LOT and being on this side of the journey (again) I know EXACTLY how it feels!
Where do I begin? How can I do this? CAN I do this? Is it possible?! questioning myself and double thinking my ability to meet my goals is normal, its human-BUT- its what you do from here that counts! I will not let it stop me! So back to the question- where do I start?!
To answer this I will reflect on the last time I started my journey, before becoming pregnant with Ezekiel I had logged in a 75lb loss and I started that journey horribly! I spent countless hours working out, was at the gym daily, was pushing myself more then ever before- but was getting zero results! Because my nutrition was what needed adjusting. Its easy to sweat, we all know how to workout- but we don’t know how to eat, or should I say- how to eat CLEAN! So I will be spending the next month focusing on clean eating and I have a goal of reducing my weight by 15lbs! yes! My goal is drop 15lbs in a month-impossible? we’ll see! Will you join me? I’d like to have you on this journey with me! I will be hosting an Eat Clean & Get Lean challenge- you want in? please post here & like my page on Facebook
Be checking this blog & my facebook page for more details to come and for updates on my journey! I’d love to hear from you! please comment below!


  1. I was going to go for my last 10 lbs, but I think I’ll make it a more realistic goal and go with 5, so I don’t backslide in the healing I’ve been focusing on these last 6 months. I will continue with the GAPS diet and eating traditional foods (WAPF) but drop all dairy, continue to increase my coconut oil consumption, focus on balancing cleansing foods/spices with the nutrient-dense ones I’ve been focusing on, and NO cheating! I will workout 5-6 days a week, stick with BodyRock, focus more on yoga again, and add in some cardio style workouts (Tae Bo, Masala Bhangra, etc. maybe try Zumba). Let’s get this MILF brigade in motion ladies! ๐Ÿ˜€

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