My journey to fitness part 2! Where do I start?

Its been 8 weeks tonight since I had my baby boy. I’ve been cleared by my doc and I’m ready to run! I’ve been upping my workouts and intensity slowly, but now I am ready! Now where do I start? As a fitness coach I am asked this question A LOT and being on this side of the journey (again) I know EXACTLY how it feels!
Where do I begin? How can I do this? CAN I do this? Is it possible?! questioning myself and double thinking my ability to meet my goals is normal, its human-BUT- its what you do from here that counts! I will not let it stop me! So back to the question- where do I start?!
To answer this I will reflect on the last time I started my journey, before becoming pregnant with Ezekiel I had logged in a 75lb loss and I started that journey horribly! I spent countless hours working out, was at the gym daily, was pushing myself more then ever before- but was getting zero results! Because my nutrition was what needed adjusting. Its easy to sweat, we all know how to workout- but we don’t know how to eat, or should I say- how to eat CLEAN! So I will be spending the next month focusing on clean eating and I have a goal of reducing my weight by 15lbs! yes! My goal is drop 15lbs in a month-impossible? we’ll see! Will you join me? I’d like to have you on this journey with me! I will be hosting an Eat Clean & Get Lean challenge- you want in? please post here & like my page on Facebook
Be checking this blog & my facebook page for more details to come and for updates on my journey! I’d love to hear from you! please comment below!

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Introducing the newest amendment to my “why?”

As I’ve posted before without a why- you have no drive, no purpose. It’s the gas that fuels us, inspires us, motivates us. Your why can shift, grow & change as you do, but you need one to get somewhere.
My why began on march 8th, 2008 with the birth of my daughter- Isabella. Her coming into the world threw me into an unexpected journey to health & fitness that has now become my full-time career. Never would have I imagined being blessed enough to work from home- but here I am. And now I am pleased to introduce to you the newest amendment to MY why: Ezekiel: born on Saturday, august 27th at 12:10am. 8lbs 2oz & 19.5″ of pure baby boy! I’m blessed beyond belief & excited for how my life is changing!
Please continue to come check out my fitness blog as I continue my journey of reaching my goals and helping others reach their’s!

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Fit Pregnancy- Having a baby any day now!

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Who are your cheerleaders? The importance of a support team, starting with YOU!

A cheerleader is someone who is supporting you on your journey to clean eating and overall health & fitness. Who are yours? Who is supporting you, cheering you on? Who is out there emailing you ideas to try? inviting you to a workout, a hike, a walk? Who is always telling you that you are looking leaner? Who is asking how your journey is going? In order to succeed we need to have at least 1 or 2 main cheerleaders to help us keep on going when the tough gets going.

What if you don’t have any other cheerleaders? I’m sure you do and just don’t realize it! In order for them to cheer they need to know what your goals are so they CAN cheer you on! Share your goals with someone today & ask for there support! A cheerleader might be a co-worker you ask to help you make good choices when you go out to eat. Or a parent you call and share your goals with. A cheerleader might be your own brain who instead of giving you any negative feedback, you decide today I will talk to myself in a positive way that will push me to keep going forward- have a serious talk with yourself- I’m dead serious! If you don’t think you can accomplish your own goals, you WILL NOT! Tell yourself right now that you can do this, tell yourself your goals (out loud) & tell yourself that you need to keep pushing yourself when you feel like giving up. Once your own head is part of the cheerleader squad- you will begin to do amazing things!

So what are your goals? How far have you come?! I want to be your cheerleader, but I too need to know what to cheer for! 🙂 Please share your goals with me in the comments below or feel free to email me at I’d love to personally coach you to you goals!

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Rossy’s tips to survive, conquer & enjoy Thanksgiving! For the fit-minded & driven individuals


Is it possible? survive, conquer AND enjoy? YES!

Follow these easy tips:

1- EAT! Yes! start with breakfast & don’t think fasting all day will “make room” or allow you to eat more for your Thanksgiving meal Eat all your regular meals and keep your metabolism roaring ready to take on your Thanksgiving turkey!

2- DRINK WATER! pack a water bottle to take to mom’s for dinner! keep it at hand and take a drink, fill it back up and repeat! Before you are ready to eat or snack try to finish a bottle 🙂

3- Stay active: running to the grocery store, squats taking things in and out of the oven, a long walk down the street because there was no parking- It ALL counts! If you can fit in a walk, workout or trip to the gym- great! if not, keep moving to keep your calorie burn up (or at least normal!)

4- Load up on veggies first! Take a plate and fill your plate 2/3 with veggies & 1/3 with protein. Ditch the chips & bread as appetizers and break out the veggies & hummus!

5- don’t go for seconds- take a break and have the next plate as your next meal! wait an hour or 2 and have your next meal!

6- pack dessert for the next day! Yup, how about some pie tomorrow morning? allowing you the WHOLE day to burn it off, resist the urge to keep all the desserts out in front of you as late night talks begins.

7- don’t forget to chew- I promise, no one will steal that piece of turkey from under your nose, take your time eating! Chew! Enjoy each bit & listen to the cues from your body and when you are full- stop!

8- INDULGE! Yes! I mean it! choose 1-2 things you MUST have and enjoy them! serve yourself 1 serving size of that thing and enjoy every bite, whether its “clean” or not- allow yourself to indulge, but plan before you sit down or else you might OVER-indulge 🙂

I will be enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie tonight! What do you plan on indulging in? Happy Thanksgiving!

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Eat Clean & Get Lean, even on Thanksgiving!

Clean eating & the holidays may, at first, seem like they don’t mix- but they can! Its easy to fall into the trap of thinking healthy, clean eating = bland, it doesn’t have to! With the holidays among us lets take charge of our eating and enjoy while staying clean with some clean eating recipes!

please click links below for some yummy clean ideas!

green beans:

sweet potatoes:
*try swapping out brown sugar for agave nectar to keep it clean

sweet potato fries!

pumpkin pie!
gluten free:
this one calls for brown sugar & evaporated milk, swap out sugar for agave nectar- still stuck with milk
this one is truly clean!:

Enjoy! Let me know if you try any of these or find new ones!

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Join My November Eat Clean & Get Lean Challenge!


Interested? Go to for more information and to sign up!

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90-days to a leaner and happier version of you!

Check out this video clip :

It’s all about Chalean Extreme, this will be my next challenge starting Saturday, May 22nd- where we will be meeting together to measure and weigh in and take the fit test! First workout will take place the following saturday, May 29th. If you want to join us either in person or from your living room order your copy of Chalean Extreme NOW and start working out with me starting Saturday, May 29th! We will be working out together every saturday for a total of 90 days and you can be following along no matter how close or far you live! We will keep each other accountable and fired up to keep going! Will you join me?!

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Eat Clean & Get Lean Challenge Summer 2010

Swim suits everywhere, warmer weather, kids coming home from college, summer is almost here! Now that can be a very exciting thing or for some a hair pulling out time.”What happened to my New Years Resolutions?!” one might think. Or maybe: “I was supposed to lose 10lbs by now!”

Whatever your goals were, whatever your plan was- let me help you get there! Join me for my Eat Clean & Get Lean Challenge!

What is it? I am challenging you to join me in a 30-day detox using real food eliminating certain foods that often block or get in the way of healthy eating and especially weight loss. In order for your body to truly be in a position to release fat storages you must rid it of toxins and flood it with nutrition. It’s response will be a happy, clean and lean body! Will you go from where you are today to a 6-pack in 30 days? probably not, is that impossible? No! Nothing is impossible! You just need to make a plan and FOLLOW IT! And good for you- you have me to help you get there!

You want in? This is how this works- Day 1 of our challenge starts Saturday, May 22nd giving you a week from this post to mentally and physically prepare for your cleanse. Removing any negative thoughts and clearing out your kitchen of temptations (or at the very least creating a safe spot in your pantry & fridge for you if no one in your home is down to join you)

Now click on this link: This is a free resource, anyone can get it, go to the link, print it out and READ IT! This is the Elimation Diet created by Dax Moy, he explains EXACTLY what to do in detail, I promise. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section of this post and I will do my best to answer it.

Who is this for? ANYONE & EVERYONE! Please encourage everyone in your world to join you on this journey since the more support will only make it easier on you! Everyone can use getting a little healthier!

How do I join? To officially join the Challenge you must send an email to no later then midnight on Friday, May 21st (the day before DAY1 of the challenge). The email MUST include your waist measurement, your weight and a “start”picture (nothing fancy, just take one with your phone or camera of you today). Your information and pictures will NOT be posted anywhere! This is simply for me to keep track of your results.

Why do we have to “join” the challenge? Great question!! This challenge has a PRIZE! All participants residing in the US are eligible to win the prize. The prize in a Deluxe Edition of the Magic Bullet blender (a $50 value)- my absolute FAVORITE kitchen tool! An eligible winner will be chosen from those who register/join before the deadline and complete the reflection at the end of the challenge. Our challenge lasts 30 days and will end on June 20th. On June 21st ALL participants must send an email to with their waist measurement, current weight and a new picture and a paragraph reflection of their experience during the challenge. A winner will be selected and announced on this blog on July 1st.

Wanna kick start your results and make your first 3-days easier? Most people experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (from removing caffeine and sugar) and/or are not quite sure what to eat as they get started so consider doing the 3-day Shakeology Cleanse to start! I personally did it last weekend and experienced a 5lb loss in addition to a drop of 2.5″ from my belly! So why not give it a try! Having Shakeology everyday during the challenge is a great idea! And don’t forget you have 30-days to return for a full refund! So give it a try! I recommend ordering it on Home Direct to get FREE shipping & handing AS WELL AS 2 FREE workout DVDs- try it for the 30-day challenge and if by day 29 you are not pleased, then simply return it! It’s that simple and it will help you have that much more results!!

So what do you say? Please invite anyone you think would want to participate!

Your Coach,

Rossy Ruppe


ps- order your Shakeology NOW to get it in time for the challenge! There is a 2-day ship option! Get it here:

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Health & Wellness Party wrap up

Couldn’t make it to the party? Well, I’m gonna bring the party to you!! I know that things come up, or maybe you live 5 states away, but regardless I still would love to help you achieve your fitness goals! Thats exactly why I had this party at my place to help YOU make small changes to your nutrition to get BIG results!

So here is what we went over! Click here for the document I created that explains the small changes I personally used as I began my personal journey to fitness that made the BIGGEST impact on my weight loss!

Next I shared this document about tools that can help you reach your goals.

Lastly I also invited everyone to join me for my Eat Clean & Get Lean Challenge! Challenge will begin on Saturday, May 22nd 2010. Next post tomorrow will have ALL the info about this! Please come back and hear ALL about the exciting challenge I have in store just for YOU and together we WILL FINALLY achieve the results you have been dreaming about! So what’s stopping you?! LET’S DO THIS!

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